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February 18 2018

February 08 2018

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January 31 2018

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January 30 2018

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January 26 2018

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We’re gonna need a bigger boat, Jorge Cervera Hauser

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Seoul, South Korea.

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January 20 2018

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10 Eyes, 7 Pairs of Legs & Blue Blood 
The horseshoe crab is one of the most interesting & strangest  animals in the ocean. This is a baby. They are very common on the east coast of the US.
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Swimming crabs are characterized by the flattening of the fifth pair of legs into broad paddles, which are used for swimming. This ability, together with their strong, sharp claws, allows many species to be fast and aggressive predators.


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January 13 2018

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January 07 2018

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January 02 2018

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December 23 2017

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November 30 2017

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