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November 22 2017


I wanted to draw a comic about a fish mom in an office then realized i don’t know anything about offices or fishes

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November 21 2017

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“Here in the Pacific, 200 metres down, we enter an alien world… This is barreleye a fish with a transparent head filled with jelly so that it can look up through its skull.” - Sir David Attenborough

Blue Planet II

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im fucking sobbing about the shitty outdated animation software that my computer science professor makes us use

sometimes when you delete an object from the 3d model gallery, it will fuckin g turn and look at you judgementally



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feeding blue whale
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November 20 2017

November 12 2017

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10:30 me: let’s do a quick squid sketch
11:30 me: …what just happened

October 31 2017

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When someone asks for my help at 6pm

/* by Lord-W */

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Octopus kites at the Internationaal Vliegerfestival Emmen (via kiteholland)

MisterLemonZest |

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